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SSL Encryption, Country Blocking and Fraud Protection CoJo Creates on Thursday, June 22, 2023
SSL Encryption, Country Blocking and Fraud Protection

Security and CoJo Creates

We take security seriously here at CoJo Creates, that is why we have implemented 3 measures to help protect our customers and their clients.

SSL Encryption

Our first line of defense, which any good webhost should do, is SSL Encryption. So, what is SSL Encryption and how does it protect me? Without SSL Encryption data to and from a website to the web server was sent in plain text. This means anyone would be able to intercept that and view important info like passwords. With SSL Encryption the text is encrypted between the website and the server and can only be decrypted from the server side. If you're interested in reading more on SSL Encryption, please check out this link: What is SSL?

Country Code & IP Blocking

We have developed an in-house County Code blocking plugin. What does this mean? This means we block all countries that we do not want to view our websites! Right now we have it configured so only US based IP addresses and Search Engines can view our websites! Why did we do this? Well, we had one client who kept getting calls/email from overseas and they tried to scam them out of sending blank apparel. To cut this out, we developed our plugin to only allow US based IPs, and this totally stopped these emails/calls!

Fraud Protection

To help combat Fraud Protection, we recently introduced a product from This ranks a user's IP address and will block them from our sites. It will also interrogate user email addresses. They have a complex algorithm that will score a user and allow/deny them to our hosted customers!

Interested in securing your website and customers? Reach Out to us today to get something scheduled!